Three-stage Aqua Candle – Made in taiwan


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MircoShield® Aqua Sparkers clean water from all impurities and dust.
Pack of 8 wax candles for up to 12 months (4 first-stage candles + 2 second-stage candles + 2 third-stage candles).

Aqua 1 Candle

Aqua 1 Candle manufactured with Blue Ring® technology, 3 purification layers, Aqua 1 Candle filters 10 times less impurities than regular candles.
The 3-layer technology purifies impurities through three consecutive layers.
The pores of the Aqua 1 candle start from 5 microns and narrows up to 1 microns and it purifies 10 times smaller impurities than ordinary candles which are purifying water with up to 99.9% of impurities.
Materials for drinking water approved by the FDA World
The candle purification efficiency lasts up to 3 months.

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